Delivering value in the Global Telcoms market

In the global telecommunications industry, the only constant is change. So today’s telecommunications executive needs to understand the environment in which the industry operates in order to make key decisions that influence the direction of their organisations. One of the key challenges for telecommunications executives is to extract value out of changing markets. In order for executives to forecast market developments correctly and to determine their organisation’s optimal positioning and pricing strategy, they need a targeted, high-level strategy and marketing training.

Telecommunications Strategy and Marketing is a programme specifically designed to meet the needs of telecommunications executives. It helps you to understand key concepts such as the product and technology evolution curve, the importance of innovation – both technical and commercial – and the importance of pricing strategies.

Key Benefits

  1. Build strategic planning tools for forecasting telecommunications markets and designing optimal positioning, pricing and distribution strategies
  2. Develop essential marketing skills targeted for the telecommunications industry, enabling you to understand and respond to customers’ needs more effectively
  3. Improve your ability to identify opportunities, position business units and assess the competition