Engineering, Procurement & Construction

Your design/build initiatives will be easier to oversee when they’re delivered with the consistency and added accountability of a single-source provider like N2N Consultancy. Our in-house team delivers smart, responsive, end-to-end engineeringprocurement, and construction solutions for small to medium-sized process plants and systems, including project management, permitting, and estimating. Since many of our projects call on our complete EPC capabilities, we are able to keep costs—and risks—low. Better yet, we’re able to gain a holistic view of your project, considering overall facility performance with every service we deliver.

Count on seasoned engineering expertise in highly specialized industries.

N2N’ registered civil, mechanical, chemical, electrical, safety, and fire protection engineers specialize in delivering cost-effective engineering and design services to customers in heavily regulated industries, such as:

  • Alternative fuels—Leverage one of the industry’s most experienced leaders to design and build your liquefied natural gas (LNG), liquefied compressed natural gas (LCNG), and hydrogen refueling stations.
  • Water and waste water treatment—Access deep experience and comprehensive services for your industrial water treatment systems.
  • Aerospace—Put N2N’ unparalleled depth of insight in the aerospace industry on your team. We not only design and build your facilities, we do it from the perspective of performance experts known for our workforce training and operational excellence consulting in the industry.
  • Government facilities—Bring N2N’ specialized knowledge and government experience to the table for responsive and insightful design/build of your facilities.

Ensure the success of your project with expert procurement.

Procurement is one of the key areas that can make or break your budgets, timelines, and construction quality. GP Strategies’ seasoned expertise in design and engineering, construction, and construction management gives us added insight into the issues that keep you up at night. So we employ proven strategies for procuring building materials and supplies that maximize value and:

  • Optimize your materials and processes
  • Negotiate lower costs through our well-honed skills
  • Maximize your tax benefits
  • Maintain productivity and efficiency throughout the job site

Trust our construction team for unparalleled attention to detail.

When you hire N2N Consultancy to construct your small to mid-sized specialized systems facility, you can rest easy knowing we offer:

  • In-house, turnkey services for responsiveness and reliability
  • Proven, long-term experience to ensure deadlines and budgets are met
  • Multi-disciplinary capabilities in design and engineering, quality assurance, compliance,constructionconstruction management, and more for added peace of mind
  • Unmatched service, backed by a company known for superior quality work

To learn more about N2N’ engineering, construction, and procurement services, contact us today: