Communications Industry Sales

These days, sales skills alone are not enough to drive communications product sales. Customers carry an increasingly sophisticated set of communications needs and they want to know more before they buy.

N2N Consultancy offers blended training solutions that inspire sales reps to become advocates for your communications products, services, and brands. When you integrate hands-on product knowledge, sales skills, and brand advocacy awareness into your sales training, your sales reps will develop:

  • An in-depth command of your products and services
  • Brand loyalty and preference for your product
  • Communications industry savvy
  • Sales skills specific to each of your products

Speak to salespeople using their own language.

While you may depend on an indirect retail sales force to sell your products and services, that doesn’t mean they can’t show a preference for your products. As technology-savvy professionals, they respond well to blended programs that incorporate innovative e-learning techniques, Web 2.0 technologies, mobile learning and, of course, incentives.

If you build a program that incorporates the technologies your salespeople want to access, you can build enthusiasm and preference for your cable, VoIP, digital, or wireless products and services. N2N can help you create a custom program that differentiates you in the marketplace, just as we have for companies like Comcast, Rogers Wireless, Palm, Motorola, Rogers, T-Mobile, HTC, and Microsoft.

Arm your field trainers with compelling programs.

N2N Consultancy also specializes in developing train-the-trainer programs that help your field trainers convert salespeople into brand advocates at each of your retail locations. As part of our program, we not only provide all the skills and knowledge they need to effectively train your staff, but we also give them the training and coaching materials needed to make their training more memorable.

Launch new products with confidence and success.

During more than a decade of delivering retail sales training to communications industry clients, N2N has supported dozens of new product launches. We understand the nature of launches, and are accustomed to designing training programs for products like mobile operating systems, applications, emerging technologies, and devices when only beta versions are available for reference. Moreover, we’re adept at repurposing our sales training content and transforming it into product brochures, online user guides, and other consumer product literature to support your sales.

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