Today’s retail organizations and product manufacturers struggle to maintain quality and consistency in their sales programs despite a high turnover rate among salespeople. With two decades of experience developing and delivering e-learning and blended solutions to retail salespeople, N2Ns can help.

We understand both the retail industry and the consumer know that a knowledgeable salesperson is a successful salesperson. We also understand that the best way to reach your retail sales staff is through product training and skills training that’s accessible, quick, highly targeted and compelling.

Develop brand loyalty for your products.

In the diverse and fiercely competitive world of retail manufacturing, your products and services are often mingling on the shelves with those of your competitors. N2N arms your retail sales personnel with a blend of hands-on product knowledge and sales training that culminate in true brand preference—compelling sales personnel to reach for your product in each sales situation.

Our programs have played a key role in increasing sales and market share for a growing list of Global 2000 companies, such as Best Buy, Sony PlayStation, HP, Intel, HTC, Microsoft, and Comcast. While developing in-depth command of your products and services, sales representatives will also develop:

  • Brand loyalty and preference for your product
  • Knowledge of your industry and competitive products
  • Sales skills specific to each of your products

Launch your products efficiently and effectively.

GP Strategies has supported hundreds of new product launches, and we understand how crucial they are for building momentum for your product and for supporting your overall brand. We also know that timing is key, so we’re accustomed to designing training programs for even complex products, such as computers and home appliances, when only Beta versions are available for reference.

Turn your sales force into a brand differentiator.

As attitudes and economies change over time, one thing becomes clearer and clearer—consumers want information before they buy. Your success depends on developing a sales force that not only has sales skills, but also the product knowledge to back them up. And, we supply the sales tools and job aids that your sales professionals will need to ensure a successful sales transaction.

N2N’ hosted e-learning and Web 2.0 technologies, blended strategies, creative incentives, and retail experience help us create compelling training and targeted communication that remain current, are easily accessible on any schedule, and are highly focused around your objectives.

Learn how we’re helping Best Buy sell.

Best Buy was looking for a training solution to arm their sales associates with comprehensive product and product-category knowledge, as well as general sales and customer service skills…and they wanted sales associates to want to learn. Thus, N2N developed hundreds of courses that ensure Best Buy sales associates comfortably know the dizzying array of products they sell—inside and out—and are able to confidently connect customers with those products.

To learn more about N2N’s retail sales training programs, contact us today: